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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Another problem...

One thing that I thought of today was the issue of grading and assessing individuals that are going to take this class that could be bilingual, or where English is a second language and they may not be proficient in English.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

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Lessons 12-14

Basic lesson plan flow chart...

Initial steps for the lesson plan

Instructional issues to consider

While constructing my design concept I realized that from an instructional stand point this class could be time consuming if it is truly completed as a self paced course. The idea was that as students completed various sections of the course they would e-mail the instructor their completed task/assignment/etc. The problem with this is that some of the lessons can not be started until they have received feedback from the instructor. Therefore the instructor would have to consistently be checking his or her e-mail and responding almost immediately to the students. After thinking this through I have decided that the course can remain a self study course, however there will be time frames established in which the students are expected to complete their tasks. This way the instructor and the students know when to expect communication from one another.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Various systems to select and other random issues

Originally the intent of my training was going to focus effective communication, but after thinking about the training that I was designing I realized that it has to also focus on basic outlook training as well. If the user is not familiar with the uses of outlook, then being an effective communicator does not really make that big of a difference.

Therefore I have started realizing a couple of possible issues. All of our users might not have the same version of Microsoft Outlook, which could make things a bit challenging.

In addition the content that will utilized in the training may need to be recreated depending on the company. If various designers are going to utilize this training concept then there are a few different recording programs that can be used, such as snag it, camtasia, or vara software.